A caccia di stelle: guida alla fotografia notturna

A caccia di stelle: guida alla fotografia notturna

a caccia di stelle copertina 560x655Have you ever wished you could capture stunning images of the night sky? Did you think you need expensive and complicated tools?

A Hunting Stars, written by David Malin Award winner 2012 for ‘Astrophotography will show you how to take some beautiful pictures of the moon and the stars using only your digital SLR and a tripod.

It will teach you the five key styles of photography of the night sky, and how you have to set the machine for each of these:

  • Landscapes at dusk
  • Scene of the night sky (short exposures)
  • Star trails (long exposures)
  • The moon
  • Timelapse video of the night sky

If you’ve ever wanted to photograph the night sky, I am sure that this book will help you!

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You too can take pictures of the night sky

A Hunting Stars contains simple instructions that will teach you to use your camera under the stars. The only other tool you need to start as early as tonight is a tripod.

In addition to the simple instructions on how to set the machine for each of the styles of photography of the night sky, A Hunt for Stars will also provide you with details of the crucial aspects of creating images in low light. It is a source of reference to which will return all the time and that will also help professional photographers to learn more about your camera and know how to use at night.


Click here to see the complete index and find out how exhaustive this eBook.

The first part, The Sky at Night , introduces some basic concepts of astronomy, to help you understand what to expect at night in different places depending on the time of year and where you are. This part includes a description of how and why the moon phases change every month and what time of year you have the chance to see and photograph the Milky Way.

The second part of the Night Sky Photography , is the heart of the book. Start talking about the camera and lenses, and how to use them to transform the weak night light in amazing photographs. More importantly, describes three techniques to obtain a correct focus at night, when your autofocus lets you down. I guarantee that at least one of these techniques will work with any camera and any lens you’re using. This section also describes additional tools and accessories that help you get more out of your car when you use it at night and make your experience more enjoyable.

Having established the basics, the second part of A Star Hunt describes the settings of the machine required for the different styles of photography of the night sky.

The third part of A Shooting Stars deepens Image Processing , focusing on technical details and the steps that you will need to do to get the most out of your photographs of the night sky. Provides examples and images to Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and ACDSee but the instructions can be easily applied using other applications to image processing.

The fourth part, Wonders of the Night Sky , will provide you with the necessary inspiration to go out more often with your car. This final part speaks of the events, features and interesting phenomena that can see at night and how to catch them by applying the techniques of photography of the night sky. Topics include Comets, Meteors, Conjunctions, Eclipses of the Moon, the Milky Way, Satellite flare, the Aurora Borealis and also Bioluminescence. Each topic contains some beautiful pictures of Phil and the stories behind them.

Reviews of Discover Stars

Information fantastic and beautiful illustrations! Attila K, ExposureGuide.com

My husband and I are excited about this book because we’ve suggested solutions to the problems we encountered in our photography. This book is worth five times the price! Daphne Gonzalvez

Valuable content, I was really encouraged to do some photography of the night sky. It seems that behind this book there is a lot of work and I appreciate it so much. It is absolutely worth the cost. Bill Young, Oregon

I’m a fan of Phil for a long time and thought I was able to photograph the night sky, but this book has taught me some things that I’ll try the next time you go out at night! A must read for all beginners and experienced photographers who want to capture the beauty of the night sky. Mike Salway, Ice In Space Astronomy Online Community

Bonus: Field Guide

This practical field guide provides a brief summary of the exposure settings you need for each style of photography of the night sky. It also describes where to find the settings for this type of photography the most common reflex, such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony. This field guide is provided free of charge if you purchase today at Hunting Stars.

The author

phil hartPhil Hart has over twenty years experience in night photography. His photos have won numerous awards and have been published in books, magazines and major websites around the world and in 2012 Phil was the winner of the prestigious Prix David Malin .

Phil also organizes seminars on the Night Sky Photography in collaboration with the shop Michael’s Camera Store, one of the largest retailers of cameras in Australia, and all the information contained in this book have been extensively tested by the participants in these seminars.

You can follow Phil and his beautiful shots on Google Plus or on Facebook Page Night Sky Photography .

Satisfied or Reimbursed

A Hunt for Stars has a great value and I am sure that will help you take new and exciting picture of the night sky with your DSLR, as has happened to many other photographers. But if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase I will refund you completely within 30 days of purchase.

So if you want to photograph the moon and the stars, there’s no reason not to try it now!

Now download your PDF copy of Shooting Stars!

The important notions and the beautiful images contained in Shooting Stars can be your for just € 19.95 .

To buy the ebook, click on the button below and then click on the yellow “Pay Now”. In a few moments you can download the PDF ebook.

You can pay by credit card, American Express and bank transfer, through PayPal, which guarantees maximum security.

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